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Sketches & Scribbles

and other assorted doodles...

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The Atwood Color Bar: Then

The Atwood Color Bar: Now

(I'm the blue one. Nice to grow up and get out of that cage.)

Almost all of the other colors have Live Journals as well:
Orange: wurtmann
Yellow: fallenpegasus
Green: wyckhurst
Blue: jatg
Violet: phoenix_jade

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I'm currently an animator working at a budding game studio. Work is a blast and I am grateful to be animating for a living. I also do a lot of freelance cartoons and illustrations.

I am also the writer and cartoonist of the increasingly popular:

Check it out!

I always interested in new projects. Artistically I pretty much love to draw everything except for bowls of fruit. And hey, if they're dancing around and making wisecracks, even those can be interesting.

I enjoy biking, camping, pushups (the exercise, not the bra) Pixar movies, (hey, who doesn't?) and quipping good lines from MST3K. "Do I please you...?", "Offhand, I'd say YOU'RE more horrible!" and the always classic, "Oh man, Ah'm so hongry...sidewalk kinda looks like ice cream..."

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