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Where I'm at...

Halfway through chapter 3 (Chaps 1 and 2 were more like `here is the interface.') of my Maya Tutorial book. Head is spinning much but I know I can do this. I'm curious how long it takes for the program to become an extension and less of using a program. When do I have to stop thinking and start creating? Impatient much? Baby steps, baby steps...

Starting to plan a road trip to San Fran in a few weeks. Figured I would drop my new revised portfolio off to my friend Sylvie in person. She wants to arrange a "mini Sheridan reunion," which sounds like it could be a lot of fun. Ryan Gong (my res room looks like an Ikea commercial) and Geoff Hemphill (a BEAR!) are out there as well. I can't believe I haven't seen them in nearly 4 years. How did that happen? Getting a little excited on how my portfolio is coming together! RRARR!!!

I'd love for my friend BJ to fly out and then drive there together but we'll have to see what his schedule is like as well as mine. I have not seen him for nearly 2 years. The last time I saw him was on a 10 minute layover at the Chicago airport on 14 Feb 2002. I remember this because it was Valentines day. He gave me carrot sticks. I gave him his quilt and I suspect I lost my scriptures. Over that loss, still reeling I am.

I am really grateful phoenix_jade has been so gracious about letting me come up to Logan to visit him and use his tech knowledge as well as computer. Beowulf came up with me as well and seems to have made himself right as home as he is wont to do. The roomies like him and I believe Beowulf cuddled up with them on a few occasions throughout the night. Traitor. Of course they were in bonafide beds and I was on an eggshell foam mattress with blankets. Can't blame him.

I hope to come up at least once a week as I go through these tutorials. I suspect my brother welcomes the company and it is nice seeing a small slice of his life, meeting his friends, seeing his stomping grounds, laughing at his incredible boys room. I feel like I have gotten much closer to almost all of my sibs this year than I have ever been.

Speaking of LMA's roomies, we got another one started with a Livejournal. Welcome to the blog deepdvd. Actually he and I had a really good chat last night as I was working on his computer. He served his mission in DC North and made a few wisecracks about the South mission...and had to very much backpedal when I informed him I had SERVED in the DC South mission. Snerk... Saw a few of his mission pictures which I have to admit brought back a slew of memories. I have a picture of me there, pass along cards, dog eared maps, children drooling on your only nice outfit...Ah, the DC temple in wintertime.

Someday... someday I have to go back. Can it really have been 10 years?

Made me want to go home and dig through much of my mission pictures.

But not today.

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