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I rented a car for the weekend. I had a coupon for Enterprise with the 9.99 weekend special with 200 miles a day on the rental. When I got there they kept trying to upsell me on a larger, spendier car which I kept refusing. "That's nice. I'm poor." "That's great about the power steering, power everything. I'm a starving artist. The 9.99 car is fine." It happened a few more times before they finally caved and admitted they were OUT of the cheapie 9.99 cars and had to upgrade me for free. Mua ha ha! I got a Dodge Sentra instead of a Neon. Excellent...

I picked up grof at the airport on Friday evening without much incident. We spent much of the evening chatting out on the deck and later we bonded 21st century style: Geeking out in front of the computer moniter. fallenpegasus had been working on setting the stuff up for the In the Interim page. grof and I offered our opinions and wishlists for the page, and while it's not all the way done, it works great. (I've got a whole slew to upload. Be patient.) grof kept checking the message board on the new forum he set up with the ARToolkit. (I couldn't really explain. You'll have to ask him)

Saturday we went to the new planetarium at the Gateway, (VERY cool,) and saw the 3D Space Station Imax movie. It was remarkably effective. The only mild annoyance was Tom Cruise's narration. Like I CARE that he's a diver...and you don't want to get a case of the bends!

We had to hurry off after a quick lunch to Suzanne's for my nephew's birthday party. Hard to believe the little guy is one.

After the birthday party we took off to Logan to visit Lawrence who was throwing one of the most egocentic parties I've ever heard of, but it turned out to be a riot. He was throwing a "Lawrence party." He rented several movies with a character named Lawrence and we watched them. No "Lawrence of Arabia." He figured it was too obvious and TOO long!

We DID watch Office Space, (the language got rather foul but boy it was funny), as well as Full Metal Jacket. Hadn't seen that one either. It was really disturbing how quickly you could go from laughing your head off to uh...seeing a guy blow his off. The featured "Lawrence" character took me a minute to place before I realized it was the guy from Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

We drove back and by this point we were rather tired. (We had put on over 300 miles on the rental car.)

Sunday was relatively uneventful. We went to stake conference, (very good), we went for a drive up Farmington Canyon, (no we didn't,) and later watched "Singles Ward." He hadn't seen it, and as card carrying singles, we laughed our heads off.

I dropped him off at the airport this morning and that was the visit from Kiwi land.

It was nice to see him and catch up a bit.

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