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Went to a baby blessing today of one of my coworkers. It was nice though I have to admit kind of weird to see a guy I work with every day suddenly being Brother Savage and doing churchy things. It was a bit odd to sit on a pew with all of my fellow coworkers singing all six verses of Redeemer of Israel. It was nice though.

I told Jen about my spiritual relieved I was not to get the position and how excited I am feeling. I am really and truly on the cusp of my next Great Adventure. I think she felt a little startled and sad...and asked me to please keep in touch with her when I go. Awwww...

It's true though. More than ever I am feeling the pressure to get my portfolio done and out. I've heard how pregnant women when they are in the throes of labor feel an uncontrollable urge to PUSH...I am feeling the urge to get my stuff DONE. Rather incredible to have such a burning sense of purpose again. I have to admit, it's been a while.

After church went to Jen's house where she and her roommate and I had breakfast/lunch and then watched Finding Nemo on her 60+ digital TV (gurgle gurgle gurgle...) with the directors commentary. I just can't get enough of that show. I related to the two of them the misadventures of the Hairy Armpit Laundry Thief and promptly got gifted with an enormous pile of pants.

Jen's roommate, Rachelle, works for the city and gets a uniform budget so she gets bunches of clothes every year. She's also, um...grown in size, shall we say, over the last few years so she had a bunch of pants that wouldn't fit her that would fit me. Nice.

Doing inventory tonight. We think if we cruise I can be home by 10:30 tonight. That'd be terrific. Wulfie needs some quality Jett time.

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