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I am the goddess of fertility...

And that is that...

Had a long, productive, really interesting day. Everything from opening the theater as the non official manager, had my interview with the head of HR (yes, HER) and Dick for the job. I think I did the best interview I could possibly do. If I get the job, yay. If I don't, (which is equally fine, truly, more on that later,) I won't be laying awake at night thinking `if only I had said this during the interview.'

More on that later. Maybe.

I also went back to life drawing tonight. There was mulled cider, plus I brought some of my Stephen's hot chocolate. (Bit hit. Popular Jett. Yay!)
The model was beautiful. Just...beautiful. There is something about pregnant women that make me think that when a woman is going to have a baby...she is absolutely jaw dropping. Something radient, majestic and wonderful.
She is due the 16 of February and opted to do the session draped. I joked with her later she was rather goddess-like in her white toga. "I am the goddess of fertility..." She thought I was funny. (Yes, I am sure I didn't unwittingly offend her.)

I didn't have time to grab my good life drawing stuff tonight. I really wished I had gotten some toned paper since we were doing drapery. I haven't done any real drapery studies since second year. I didn't even have time to get my board and newsprint and new pastel. Instead I had to draw with a mechanical pencil and a sketchpad...but still, I think it's pretty good for having missed a month of life drawing...AND she asked me if I would email her the drawing. She wants a record of her first pregnancy.

I am the goddess of fertility...

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