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I was right!

When Malcolm in the Middle first debuted I knew I had seen the mom played by Jane Kaczmarek in something else. Closing my eyes and listening to her voice it hit me...she had been in a small LDS video of O.Henry's story, 'The Last Leaf." I was SURE of it. The Last Leaf had always been one of my favorite stories. I liked it when I was little because it involved an artist...and now the older I get the more I love it because it is about talent and sacrifice and love.

The story of two sisters who live in the same apartment complex as an artist who, while very talented, recognizes his limitations...and yet years to one day paint his masterpiece. Set around 1914, during the time of the great influenza epidemic, the younger sister falls ill...and psychologically connects her life to the vine she sees outside her window. She becomes certain that the struggle for life is futile and she will hang on as long as the leaves on the vine do. Eventually there is but one leaf...

So when I first started watching the show I tried to find out more about this actress. I was SURE Malcolm's mom had played the older sister IMDB entry mentioned nothing about the video. Ah well, I said to myself. Maybe it was someone who reminded me of her. After a HAD been a very, very long time since I had seen the short.

However...last night I was watching a bunch of episodes...and I thought again how I thought she had been the older sister in The Last Leaf.
Well, yay for the Internet and LDS merchandising! I couldn't find it 4 years ago when the show debuted...but now I do. It IS her. YAAAYYY!!!

I love moments like that.

It was like insisting to everybody that the original Buck Rodgers theme song had words! I had even remembered a few of the lyrics...which I remembered from seeing the movie ONCE in theaters when I was SIX. Everyone said I was crazy...and then a few years ago fallenpegasus stumbled across the original theme song.
I was right...and I actually remembered the right words.

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