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There & Back Again...

9 hours plus the 1.5 hours I spent getting everything ready this morning. Coming home at 3 in the morning, being crazy busy during the holiday season and the summers...all I can think is `I have GOT to get a normal job!' Normal meaning I can enjoy the holidays with everybody else...(loved college where I got 3 weeks off during Christmas. Sigh) It's not even Sunday and I've already worked 27 hours since the start of the pay period. Yes, I know I used to work 90+ hours at the relay...but that wasn't just a job...that was an EASY job. This is high stress.

Going to the ward in Centerville tomorrow. phoenix_jade is in the choir showing off the baritone he mysteriously brought back from the mission. It's fun to sit by him in church and sing alto while he sings baritone. With everyone around us singing the tune, we actually manage to sing pretty good. I miss the Institute Choir in Seattle. We had a really fun Christmas program. fallenpegasus sat through it twice even!

Wulfie is at the folks house. I left him there this afternoon. I'm not going to be home much for the next week and figured he would get some good attention there. He likes the folks, they like him and plus wurtmann loves that he now knows The Rules of the house. I saw what looks to be another Maine Coon at the Utah Humane Society. I confess I'm a bit tempted.

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