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Big Fun Supervisor...

I bought a bunch of wooden clothespins today at Macs. I'm going to have my kids paint them and then we'll hang them from the Christmas tree in the lobby. It's a lot of fun coming up with ways of keeping them entertained and enthused about coming to work.
Especially since ROTK opens this week. The first three or four days have been sold out for WEEKS. I'm feeling a bit sorry for the guys on the guest desk:

"Megaplex 12, this is Penny. Yes, all the midnight shows are sold out. Yes, they are all sold out the next day as well. Uh huh...ummm...I think until Friday. Right. Yes. Thanks for calling!"

I'm happy I have put in so much work with my kids though. The other day we got a bunch of new inventory in. I was in the back working on the schedule and got a call from the concessions department.
"Hey, we got a bunch of stuff!"
I sighed heavily and went to go supervise and ride discover that:
1. Two of my kids had taken charge.
2. they had double checked the order,
3. put everything away in the freezer
4. put everything away in the cage
5. taken everything upstairs and put it in the right place...
6. and were waiting for me with smug grins as they handed me the invoice.

And it happened two more times during the day.

I told my manager, "If I were any more insecure I'd be worried they are making me look bad."
She laughed and then said seriously, "No...they just made you look really GOOD."

Now I am teaching them how to enter the invoices into the computer and doing the correct paperwork to go to accounting after we get a shipment in.

As I said in my of my greatest strengths is that I am inherently lazy. I will put in a huge amount of work into getting everyone on the same page so I don't have to do EVERYTHING.

So I am very invested in keeping these guys happy so they don't want to quit or go to different departments. It takes a lot of work getting them so proactive and on top of things...but oh, does it make things easier on everybody. Especially me. My manager is giving me more and more responsibilities as well. I realize she is doing the same thing to me that I am doing to everybody else. I am teaching everyone else how to do my job and she is teaching me hers. Kewl.

Still, everybody seems pretty happy. I mean, REALLY. Right now we are completely overloaded with THIRTY people in the department...and nobody wants to transfer out!!! Okay folks, this is highly in completely unprecendented. Usually they can't wait to get out of concessions. We have the lowest rate of turnover than any department at either the 12 or Jordan Commons. Our percaps are high enough than my manager likes to brag about us at management meetings and people are starting to look over and wonder just what we are doing.

We have such a great crew of people though. Just a really crazy fun mix of people. One guy when he was first hired, his favorite LOUD comment was "QUE BUENO!!!" in this horrid American accent...and now EVERYBODY is doing it. Mostly because they like to see me flinch I think. Now I've got them saying "Que GUANO," because I think it's funny. I've been doing a lot of Spanish teaching and I have to research a "Fact of the Day:" for the whiteboard.

My manager now has them all playing "6 Degrees" on the whiteboard which gets them all excited and talking. The one that had everybody stumped for a while was "Danny Kaye" to "Jim Carrey."

I'm kind of excited to see the whole entire team in action on Wednesday. It feels like I am a proud but nervous director: everything up to this point has been a dress rehearsal

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