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Bless this pizza...

My friend Brittany is spending the night. I hooked her up with an LJ (hey, what are codes for?) (she's britts14) We also ordered a pizza which didn't show up for an hour. We finally called, (turns out it got lost, OOPS) and had to reorder the darn thing.
By this point we were tired, hungry and SILLY so when B started blessing the pizza and asking that it help the best way possible, I did everything I could to laugh SILENTLY. I couldn't help it...I had so many memories of prayers at activies where the refreshments were doughnuts and pop...and the serious prayers asking that they nourish and strengthen our bodies. Um, pray all you want, they're not! How about, "bless that we don't get sick from all this sugar," or my favorite, "that the junk pass right through and not stick to my thighs," I mean, be reasonable in your prayers folks.

Anyway, back to me silently laughing... I thought I was doing a pretty good job, I mean, I wasn't making any sound, my eyes were shut...I'm not sure what tipped her off.

She says it was a quiet intake of breath that she heard...and she KNEW I was laughing and then SHE started laughing and then it was impossible to finish...because THEN she started laughing at a memory of her and me and xenologue crammed into my res room bed and I was SOOO tired and they were SOOO silly and I kept snarling at them to be quiet and GO TO SLEEP!!!

Good times.

This got me laughing harder...and finally I had to remind Brittany that she was HUNGRY and if she wanted to eat she better finish the darn prayer. It wasn't reverent at all, but she finished. I think Wulfie was confused.

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