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Tonight was team awards and they decided to hold it at the Mayan restaurant. It turned out to be some Big Time Fun. They had food from the menu for us and while the head of HR was as dingy an ex cheerleader as ever, we had a good time.
I got a silver star (yay me!) and another 10 dollar megacard. I usually just use those to buy my folks a megadeal when I can convince them to come out for a movie.

By far though, the highlight of the evening and what everbody was looking forward to was the diving. They have a diving show at the Mayan where chisled boys and girls come out and do a whole lot of neat flips and dives from this rock wall and land in this teeny pool of water.
TONIGHT though, they were letting all of the employees have a go at a jump.

Of COURSE I HAD to do this thing. I couldn't believe they were letting us do it and I figured this was going to be a one shot I had told all my guys that I was going to do there was no way I could back up now.

It actually wasn't that HIGH (okay, who am I kidding, it totally was) PROBLEM was I couldn't SEE. It has been a long time since I have been on a diving board without contacts...and when you are that high and that's a very scary thing. Especially when your target is really that small. You jump out instead of are smacking the rocks at the bottom. Uhhhh...

I balked a few times and finallly yelled at myself, "I jumped out of an airplane for Pete's sake!" and stepped off.





It's a long way down...but again, no fall I ever do will be as numbing as the one I did on my birthday. I did smack the water pretty hard and I've got some interesting bruises. Ow. How 'bout I stand up all day tomorrow, thanks?

I am strangely energized, despite turning into a popsicle and my hair freezing solid when I got outside. I feel like I can take on the WORLD! RRARRRR!!!!!!

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