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A good day

Went to the ward up at the new Institute building (which has to be the coolest institute building EVER) at the U and to my surprise I saw a girl from my Farmington 5th ward there. She is just finishing up her masters (defending Friday,) and we had a really good chat. Her thesis sounds really interesting and I told her I was keen on reading it. It's on (and can't remember the exact title,) LDS women in modern society.
She told me she used to get frustrated as to how those outside the church looks at LDS women (buncha mindless pregnant sheep,) when there are so many dynamic LDS women, (Captain Dew, anyone?) and yet the frustration being IN the church and it seems, yes, there are a lot of women who appear to be living their lives like drones. Which isn't to say that outside of the church a lot of women live their lives like that too. Right? Or not? Hmmm...
It's pretty interesting though since her masters is in communications and her advisor is fairly agnostic.

I was actually rather startled when she was sharing some of her thesis thoughts with me because many of them are things I myself have been rather mulling over. Okay, what is doctrinal vs what is cultural etc. What has changed in 170 years (a LOT) vs what has NOT. I'm really looking forward to reading it.

It was a great ward though and I think I'm going to be sticking with it. After my oh so creepy, being eaten from the inside out by blood sucking maggots, I am even more aware of the need to be constantly re-oiling my lamp. 1st Nephi has been helping with that as well. Poor Nephi, but I often wonder how he actually worded some of his chastisements to Laman and Lemuel. Nobody likes to be lectured, even if they ARE in the wrong and know it.

Or is that just me?

I was really disappointed I had to miss the Christmas Devotional tonight. Had to work but it was a really good night. Steady enough we didn't stand around and be bored and we had enough people to be doing special projects. Our crew is getting better and better. We got out of there at 11:05. Pretty darn impressive since our last cashout was at 10:45. DANG. WE RULE.

Now I get to go to bed and hurry back in the morning. We have a press screening of Lord of the Rings (cue the da da DA DA DA DAAAAAAHHHHH) and I have to be there at 7:30. GLAH.

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