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So a really bad flu is going around and it looks like I'm a winner! I actually had a pretty good day yesterday but woke up in the middle of the night in sweats and colds and spent much energy desperately trying to abstain from worshipping the porcelain god. Haven't thrown up for quite a while actually, not since I had that really nasty time at the plasma center.
"Are you all right?"
(Me sliding slowly down the wall...) "NoooOOOOoooo...."

Because that is a story for all the ages, no?

Anyway, I thank all my gum chewing for giving me jaws that will clench tight enough to keep everything down. Three cheers for my jaws! hip hip HuZZAH!

I had to make a few phone calls this morning to make sure things were taken care of at work...and boy am I glad I worked so hard with all of the other team members that they can hold down the fort on their own. I had to call one of the leads to ask him to please do the orders this week and gave him a few notes...I've been upping the orders on nachos and popcorn kernels, plus my Red Creme Soda experiment has been an oh so rousing success... so we need to massivly up the orders on THAT... and then I got to fall asleep.

Beowulf has been enjoying having me home. He is really digging his new scratch pad (pun intended,) and likes to come and yowl for treats. I really wonder what he does when I am not home. I'm sure he sleeps a lot in various places but if I'm up, (like right now,) he likes to be right beside me. One of my fav things is when he inches close enough to me when I'm typing or drawing that he can rest his head on my forearm. It's like he has to have some kind of contact.

I'm actually feeling a lot better now than I was this morning so I may pop by the theater just to make sure they haven't burned it down. I'm sure they haven't but there are also some things I need to take care of. (Like give Penny back her copy of Finding Nemo. Hers, hers, hers, hers...)

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