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"Tis a new WORLD!"

What a day. What a glorious day.

I don't think I'll ever forget the sight of Iraqi's pouring jubilant down the streets of Baghdad, jumping, screaming, showering the Marines with flowers and thumbs up. Reading the reports all day, reading how hundreds flocked to a former torture facility of the previous regime, poring over records trying to find out what happened to their loved ones...and of course the sight of the great statue of Saddam toppling over.

All the reports now mention how it was the Marines who pulled it down. I think it is important to note and always be aware, the Iraqi's themselves had started the process with one man and a sledgehammer. They whaled on it for quite a while before the Marine's offered their assistance. How about that shot of the head being dragged through town, people jumping on it, hitting it with shoes (which I understand is a gross insult,) or (one of my favorite shots) people kissing the picture of George W.

Of course it's not over.

Tomorrow brings new challenges. There are pockets of resistence and even when that is over the process of rebuilding will begin. It will be extremely interesting to see who is invited to participate and who will be told they had their chance. I'm vaguely reminded of the story of the Little Red Hen. "Who will help me thresh the wheat?"

But for tonight, an oppressed people are free.

I've never been prouder to be an American.

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