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Naked Guy Tuesday...

(no need to cover your eyes urbanepleb, no naughy bits in this week's drawing)

Had a good time at class today. My gestures were not so great and I don't think tonights drawing is as good as Steve from a few weeks ago but I think my understanding of anatomy is getting better. This guy (Larry) was probably close to 50...relatively fit but also really craggy and could really see what was going on so it was cool.
He had an intersting face. He looked like a Roman Emperor. I mentioned it to Bryce who did the anatomy part of my class as well as helped with the sculpting and he smiled and said loudly, "GOOD! It's NOT just me!" Hee.

Caesar Lawrencius

Speaking of sculpting I had an interesting experience today. I went to one of my friends banks today and they had a sculpture of Orrin Porter Rockwell riding a horse. It was a really neat sculpture and I really examined it...and then noticed that Orrin's legs were too short...and that the horses eyes were on a different level...and the hands were too big. Wow. I had seen this statue before but had never noticed things like that before. It was really neat. My eyes have been opened.

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