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Ow ow ow...

Stupid Joke of the Day:

Q: What's yellow and wears a mask?
A: The Lone Lemon

(fleeing the screaming mob armed with pitchforks and flaming torches)
I can't help it! I loved that one when I was a kid and for me the giggle factor just hasn't subsided on it.

I spent a LOT of time outside today to the point that I have a mild sunburn this evening. I'm looking a wee bit rosy. (which is between slightly pink and holy cow crispy.) The weather has been perfect to be outside. It's warm enough to wear shorts and dry your laundry on the line, not hot enough to be uncomfortable, and too early in the year for a lot of bugs. I'm tempted to crack open my new tent and give it a try in the front lawn of the cottage.

On the plus side, the yard is starting to look pretty good. It was nice because I think I inspired my folks a little bit. My dad came out and helped work in the garden and I finally got my mom to go outside and trim her roses. Tomorrow I get to help dad work on the rock wall started and (what a surprise!) not finished by Brent.

I did a slew of new "In the Interim" strips but I'm trying to wrap my head around a cgi script to use to be able to easily update the strip on (I hope) a daily basis. Stay tuned (tooned, ha ha) I'm going to be pestering fallenfallenpegasus for a little handholding on the project.

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