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I had a good time at work today. Today was really busy (though this weekend is going to a visit to infierno,) and despite the constant line my kids kept things running smooth. We had many comments on how quickly our line went (as opposed to last year when sometimes the wait was a half hour long!) but the big grin of the night was when all was said and done (and I was able to send most of them home at 11:30 (SPEEDY,) and I checked our per capita mark.
Usually our average of $ per guest who comes into the theater hovers around $2.00. On busy weekends it always drops because most people don't want to wait in any line for their treats, no matter how fast the line. Last year I understand it was pitifully low around $1.30.
Tonight, our percaps were $2.60. I was so happy I called Jen who didn't seem THAT thrilled to be called at 11:00 but perhaps tomorrow the giddiness of it will smack her a little stronger. If the percaps are up then the powers that be smile upon us and we can do no wrong. This is a Good Place to Be.

Actually the last few days have been a bit of an ego boost. I found out I was discussed the the general meeting between the managers...and all of it was positive. Joey commented on how I had bloomed into a super star over in concessions, that all the kids loved me, they seemed more motivated, they were having a really fun time, it was mentioned that our averages are up, our percaps are up, the guests are happy with the speed of the lines, we haven't had any workman comp accidents in a while... not saying all this is because of me, but it's really nice to know that my presence is considered a factor in all the goodness happening over there. Also it was mentioned on how fun my kids are finding "Soundtrack Saturdays."

And I needed to hear something nice. This helps make up for the fact I go home reeking of popcorn. Glah!

Joey and I decided we would start rereading The Book of Mormon this week. At first we were going to make it a 'who can get done first,' but we both knew that would be dumb. If that were the case we'd both go home and read it and have it done in 24 hours. So this week we are reading 1st Nephi. To keep us honest and not just burn through it because we have read it so many times before we have to keep a notebook and write down at least ten things that jump out at us. So stay tuned, I'll probably be posting about it. This will be good for both of us.

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