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Why I love to draw...

So the other day we had a birthday party come into the theater. It was a group of 10 kids, 3 adults all to celebrate the 10th birthday of one of the boys. They had reservations to see Cat in the Hat but after hearing how awful the movie was they decided instead on Elf. Unfortunatly Elf was not going to start for another 45 minutes and that is a long time for a group of charged up 10 year olds to sit in a theater.

It was slow enough that I put one of my guys in charge and headed into the theater armed with a felt tip pen and some type paper and proceeded to draw picture after picture for the kids. They were a lot of fun and I had a blast with them.
I did a picture for each one of them, (from cariacatures of them playing basketball to Spiderman swinging through the city I gave them my famous `two minutes to becoming a better artist,' sang them silly songs and generally had a rip roaring good time.

It made me remember why I love to draw. I love to draw because it makes me feel good because it can make others feel good.
"Draw me a kitty!"
2 minutes later, BAM, there's a kitty. And they smile and look at it and excitedly show it to all their friends.

Last night I got home rather late and chatted a bit with fallen_pegasus online. I hadn't recieved his voice messages but he had a drawing request for me. I guess elfs little girl had it in her head she wanted to play "pin the tail on the unicorn" for her birthday party. Unfortunately they could not find a picture of a unicorn anywhere.
I whipped one out, asked if they would like color and a half hour later sent it off. I hope she has a good time with it. I am laughing to myself imagining all these little kids with blindfolds holding tails (yes, drew a page of those as well,) and trying to pin them on this cheezy grinning golden hoofed unicorn. It makes me happy to think about it.

I reflect back on countless times where I have entertained little kids at church (and not so little kids), doodled for friends, sat at my sister's table and drawn for her children, even the times where I have gotten friends to pose for me for hours and it makes me smile and laugh and be humbled and grateful for my gifts and talents. I like to think that I have spread some joy in the world.

I get frustrated sometimes, wondering if I am going to wind up trapped at a movie theater or any other non art job...but experiences like this make me remember why I love to draw in the first place.

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