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A good day

Had my last official sculpting class today and it went really really well. My faithful readers may recall that I was a bit frustrated last week thinking I didn't get too very far along but I flew along today.
The anatomy lesson was rather frustrating. I was at a poor angle. Everything the instructor was drawing on the board, I couldn't really see.
The drawing part was great though. We talked a lot about faces and portraits and how to get a likeness. It was really good and a lot more thorough than the 30 second lecture and "Now Go and Do" assignment I got from Werner in second year.
We talked a lot about lights and darks and wound up doing a portrait of the model using nothing but shadow. Pretty cool.
Shadow John

The sculpting part was where I was most frustrated last Saturday though. I was really concerened and talked to one of the instructors about it. He told me my foundation was good, I just need to start taking things to the next level. THAT was my problem! It was mostly technique but I didn't have a clue as to how to go about it. My fingers weren't little enough!

He gave me a five minute brief tutorial and with that I flew along for the rest of the day. I was pretty happy. Didn't get him done, in fact nobody did but I am thrilled as to where he is at! I pulled one of the instructors aside and asked him about what happens now. (I am reminded of finishing my third year film. I have put too much work into this guy to leave him half finishing on a shelf.)

He is in a good enough state for me to be able to take him home and after spending many romantic hours with my Peck anatomy book, hopefully get him close enough to finish two weeks from Saturday. We decided we would like one more session with the model so we are going to chip in for the model fee and hopefully get our guys finished. Later we are going to go to one of the instructor's studio and learn how to cast them. Kewl...

I am really jazzed about this though. I have had such a great time with this and I believe I am really and truly hooked. Yay! I have a new skill and hobby! I've never sculpted anything in my life and yet was able to do this in 5 Saturdays!

More John
Even More John
One More Shot of John

Granted, they are not the best shots of my statue, he looks a lot better in real life, but still! Go me!

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