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Sweet! Suite!!

Got invited to tonight's Jazz game and since I am always up for activities like that when I don't have to pay I accepted the invite. It was all the managers and supervisor for the Megaplex 12, Jordan Commons and some of the Mayan restaurant. Part of Larry H. Millers little world.
Some honcho's from Coke were the ones doing the inviting ...and it turned out the evenings activities were held in one of the suites at the Delta Center.
Let me just say, THAT is a great way to watch a basketball game!

The game was fun even though there were points I was so tired I had a hard time paying attention. They did manage to pull it out the last few seconds and won the game by 2 points. It was weird watching them though without any big names more "Stockton to MALONE!" though they are right and Kililenko is going to be the one to watch. He was fun to watch.

I paid special attention to their jumbotron... oh wait, sorry they sold the name. Now it is "The Cricket Superscreen," (and the stuff on it still sucks.) I've noticed even more sponsorships. Now it's the NuSkin Jazz Dancers (kid you not,) the "Fed Ex Tshirt Cannon"'s amazing.

I joked with some of my coworkers that is what I need to do. I need to be branded. I should be "The Cool Whip Cartoonist," or something. Sheesh.

Fun day though. Had an interesting lunch with one of my coworkers. It was good to have a real conversation. Talked a lot about past histories, personal decisions, where I am now, where I want to be. Wound up divulging more than I thought I would. Felt good actually.

Part II of the conversation continues tomorrow.

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