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I'm up...

Had a tossy turny night...probably due to the nap I had when I came home from work yesterday. I knew that would happen, I was just really really tired after a 10+ hour day. Got a rather depressing phone call from a person in human resources (no, not THAT one,) telling me I was hitting my year mark, make sure to come to Team Awards so I could get my pin.
A YEAR? I never intended to be there for a YEAR! It was supposed to be a holiday temp job! What on earth happened? Am I truly supposed to get excited about a butt ugly pin and 10 dollars of gift certificates to a restaurant I don't really care for? Hey, thanks for your hard work! Here's some crap! Hmmmmm? As jobs go, it's really not bad and there are times it's a lot of fun, but instead of going to team awards I may just go home and cry like a little girl.

Speaking of "little girl," I got a phone call and email last evening from my mom giving me funeral details and what to wear. I think I know what is funeral appropriate and even then all I heard was "please don't embarass me." Like my great aunt LaVon would really care and frankly I don't think anybody would except for my mom.

I've already had to reshuffle my whole week for this, I'm missing my life drawing class tonight, I'm already seriously annoyed and hurt by my dad, I am really not in the mood to be badgered about my clothes, thank you very much.

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