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Reflections Part II

After the sculpting part of the class I have to head to the theater. I dread this. I want to stay in Kamille's studio and draw and sculpt until I tip over from exhaustion but I know I have to be responsible. It is going to be a long night filled with thousands of buckets of popcorn.

Still though, I decided my good mood was going to carry through and it did even though I noticed first thing walking in the new uniforms had finally come in. The supervisor shirt, I decide quickly is hideous. It is a black polo with cream trim and on the back under the collar is a weird scallop of the same color. The black seems perfectly suited to showing off every little flick of popcorn, a small spill of soda, crumbs from nachos. I am not impressed with the choice. Later when I ask Dick who picked the shirts he gets very defensive.

The night passed quickly and I was never so proud of my guys. The line was long but moved quickly, both poppers never stopped and even Dick who hovered statesmanlike near the head of the line was pleased when the roar trickled down to a small din.
We all made guesses as to how many people would shuttle through the theater, some guessed 7 thousand, some 7500. I guessed 8200...and overbid by 150. The busiest day of the year so far.

Counts started at 10:30...rather late but as usual we were understaffed and I had to be the one racing around helping stock napkins,making hot dogs, refilling popcorn buckets and snarling at the box office telling them I needed quarters NOW.

I was rather proud of myself when the night finally ended. We were only over by $12.50, our percaps were $1.90...which is really good considering how busy it was.

I logged off at 2:30 AM but had to hang out for another half hour to give someone a ride home.

The last time I gave her a ride home I stopped on the way out. There in the road was a skinny tortise shelled cat. It was 3:00 in the morning, it was starting to sleet and this cat was just sitting there looking mournful.
I got out of the car and called it over. It did not have a collar and seemed thin...but not hideously so. I knew my friends apartment allowed pets. Did this friendly creature have an owner, albeit an irresponsible one? I ponder taking him home.
He struggles out of my arms. I let him go and watch him head to the apartments, under the alcoves, out of the snow. I hope he will be okay.

I did not see him last night. If I had, I might have taken him home. I am almost a little disappointed.

Wulfie is delighted to see me. After four days of much company I am sure it was a shock to be alone. I am delighted to see him in return. Purr purr purr...

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