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There and back again...

Took phoenix_jade to see The Matrix: Convolutions. He agreed with me. It was BAD. Actually I found it to be more enjoyable the second time around because I already knew how stupid and headache inducing the whole thing was so I could sit back and enjoy the visuals and laugh in the wrong spots.
It was incredibly crowded for the 10:30 AM showing which surprised me I guess a little bit and as we were walking out I observed the zoo the theater had become. I sang to LMA and a few of my coworkers as we walked out, "I'm so glad I don't work today! Glad as I can be!" And I really AM.

Drove straight to wyckhurst's after. She needed an emergency babysitter and while I was reluctant to pull myself away from the animation project I also knew I needed to atone for missing their primary program. Also I didn't think LMA saw them enough so down we went.

It was big fun and I always laught at how much O just LOVES boys. She plays all her uncles and grandpas like a violin. That girl is a charmer and a half. I shudder to see her at 16! ;)

I got to pick S up from school. It was fun watching him meander "Billy style" out of the doors and all over the playground before he finally strolled by me. He looked up as he went by, "Hi Aunt Jeanette!" and kept walking...and then looked up again. "AUNT JEANETTE!" BUA HA HA!!!

I put Tarzan on for S and O when we got home. Funny lines:

During the intro as the ship goes down S says, "The Little Mermaid will have fun exploring that shipwreck!"
and...after Tarzan is adopted by all the apes he says,
"But...who is Tarzan going to MARRY?"

Hee hee.

We stayed for pizza which we shouldn't have. We got caught in a traffic jam that put us on the road for over TWO HOURS. It was pretty hellacious but I'm certain the people who caused it a mile and a half ahead were having a much worse time. We saw several police cars, three firetrucks and one life light. Ouch.

Now LMA is jury rigging my linetester. It is nice having a EE visiting.

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