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The weekly naked person

It's interesting. Tonight my gestures were pretty much crap but my extended pose came out really well. I'm actually a bit concerned that the longer poses are making me a lazier artist. I spend a lot of my time futzing around instead of feeling the clock and making every minute count.
Example: Before our last 20 minute block of the extended pose I noticed I had put the models right leg in the wrong spot. It was enough out of place that it looked short, awkward etc which frustrated me because the rest of the pose looked really good.
I was whining to one of the other artists there that I didn't think I could fix it in the allotted time. He assured me I really could...and then I slapped myself... I can't fix a leg in 20 minutes? My gosh, the longest pose I ever did at Sheridan was 30 minutes!!! I think I can draw a leg in 20! Sheesh!!!

Sho' nuff, Got the leg in...and then spent the rest of the 15 minutes ...yes, futzing around. Still, I think he came out really well. Took "R" tonight. He had never been to life drawing before, nor is he an artist but I think he did pretty well. Quite proud of him actually.

The model was fantastic. Very well built, extremely good poses and just a super nice guy. Favorite lines of the night. I asked him how often he went to the gym and he smiled and said, "I don't really go," to which R said in mock voice, "Lies! ALL LIES!!!" The model Steve WAS kidding, we knew he was but R's outburst was really funny.
Also R looking annoyed at me and telling me I was juvenile when I pointed out the model was in the "10% club." (Actually not sure of the EXACT statistic.) I mentioned a few of his friends by name to point out how juvenile THEY which he said, "I KNOW what I'm getting into with THEM!"

Anyway, here's this week's drawing:

Naked Steve
(bit blurry. I'll retake it when I have a little more juice.)

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