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Catching Up...

Mostly on sleep.

I have been crazy crazy busy the last few days which has been good but also incredibly draining. Been playing schleeepy this morning. Gotta roll off the futon, do a room rescue and get started. I have the next four days off and I've promised myself I'm going to have something tangible and portfolio usable by the end. Rrarr!!!

Halloween Night: Cold and rainy which turned into cold and snowy!!! I didn't have a lot of time to get my costume ready go to between leaving wyckhurst's place and heading to work but I managed to pull off a pretty good Wicked Wtich of the West. It helps that we share features. I had planned on picking up some green makeup from Walmart...but they were out.
I thought I had something useable at my apartment but found to my horror it was all dried I grabbed some of my background paints, gulped, told myself "Guache is very forgiving!" and painted myself green.

It was a big hit and I got the "Most Scary" award.

I think today, 4 days later the last of the green is out. It was pretty incredible trying to get that stuff OUT. Jett dumb. I was slightly green for days after.

Our Halloween party was fun. We have way too many candies and cookies left over but we (me and the other girl who planned the party) are using the leftovers as incentives and spiffs for our crew.

Yay for more sculpting class! I was so tired however that I felt like I was really not at my peak artistically but some good progress was made. I dreaded going to work.

Work was nuts. Brother Bear openen HUGE that day. Our projection for the day was 4500 people...but close to 7000 people showed up. YIKES. That is a big big day. Counting the inventory was crazy and with some things misplaced, trying to track them down, blah blah blah...I got home at FIVE IN "THE MORNING. BLLEAARRGHH!

Needless to say I slept through church. I did stagger out of bed and turned on general conference. This does strange things to one's dreams.

I went into Farmington to pick up Beowulf but while there realized it would probably be better to pick him up the next day since I was still going to be gone from my apartment for a while. My folks didn't mind. They had been having a good time playing with him, getting him detangled, laughing at him whining to go outside and then peering mournfully into the window.

I had learned many lessons the night before about doing counts so it wasn't as hellacious as it was the night before. There were still some odd discrepencies with our numbers to the point we think we may have a pilferer in our midst. Time will tell. To sort through all the numbers etc, got home at 2:30.

Press screening first thing in the morning which meant I had to be up and started at work by 8:30. Yeouch. Still, I had a good opening crew and the day went rather smoothly. It was pretty busy for a Monday which was interesting. It's been a while since we've had a busy weekday. It snowed pretty much all day.

I have been trying to get my guys to "take ownership" of the concession stand. I want them to automatically be looking for things to do in slow periods, being on top of things when we are busy, basically just governing themselves so I don't have to stand over them all the time.

I remember a lesson from a book I read. The principle basically is "Give somebody a good name and they will live up to it." I have been taking the other set of keys and giving them to someone I think who is capable of being on top and tellling them they are in charge while I am gone. I point out a few things I would like them to do, some things they need to be aware of and then telling everyone else they are in charge while I am gone. It's been working beautifully and I've been really astounded at how well some are responding to being in leadership positions.
My theory is that the more of my guys are capable of being functioning leads, the less I have to actually do.

Finally got Beowulf Monday night. I hung out at Los Padres for a little bit and was preparing to leave just in time for Dad to arrive home from a long day of meetings. I think they are sad he is leaving. I told them there are plenty of great cats who need to be rescued.

Got some good stuff done at my apartment and then went to the theater at midnight to watch "Matrix Revolutions," which could easily be called "Convolutions." Methinks they get worse and worse. More on that later. Maybe.

So far, got my massage. Craig worked mostly on my back and lower back. Felt pretty great. Go Craig!

Went home, had a long nap. Rather decadent but boy, I've needed it.


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