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On the couch...

Happy Halloween!

Time at my sisters is always well spent methinks. We had a good chat last night while she was making S's vulcanologist's outfit. It looks pretty great I must say. She told me when she was at the fabric store she told the girl working what she was making. The girl told Suzanne she thought she had heard everything but this was a definite first. I tend to agree.

It's been an uneventful morning really. I've played with S and O helping them with their morning routines and now I've got them watching Fantasia 2000. They're doing pretty well with it though some of the questions and comments make me laugh. "Wow! Whales can FLY?! I didn't know whales can FLY!"
Standard answer: ANYTHING can happen in a cartoon. (ie: just go with it kiddies.)

It will be a fun Halloween. I work tonight but we're having a party after where we'll be showing Goonies on the Big Ol' Screen along with ice cream sundaes and candies for which to decorate cookies. I'm also getting the ingredients for kitty litter cake. Hee hee hee.

I love Halloween.

And tomorrow is my sculpting class. Hooray!

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