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Oh wait, no, it's THREE.

Had a rather late night last night. I went to bed at two o'clock worried because I had to wake up early the next day...and quickly realized with a groan it WASN'T two o' was THREE. I hate daylight savings.

The little sleep did naught to improve my mood, already a bit grumpy since I had to pick up an extra shift at the theater. One of the leads got laid off...(stealing will do that to you,) and in the interim I'm helping take the slack. So, no General Conference for me. We tried to put it on the radio in the back but the reception was so horrible it rendered it unlistenable. I'll have to read the broadcasts online at a later point. I really missed hearing the talks. My lamp is running a little low I think.

On the fun side of things LMA introduced me to a rather fun and addictive game on Yahoo. It's called Bookworm and I highly recommend it. (He and I both agreed that xenologue would quickly destroy us at it. ) I bet she would say her sister would kill us all...but then, I kind of wonder at the existence of this person in the first place.;)

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