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just keep sculpting...

Had my class today and it was awesome.

We spent the first two hours doing some really intensive anatomy and I had severe Sheridan flashbacks. More specifially April 12 & 13 1998 flashbacks. Why so specific? The 13th of April was the last day of life drawing when I was in first year and we had our anatomy test. The test consisted of us going into the life drawing room and being told what 3 joints and what angle our instructor wanted them drawn. There are a lot of joints and quite a few angles so we had to study everything and know it cold.

I remember racing back to the school the evening of the 12th and spending the rest of the night up with my friends BJ and Ian at the chalkboard drawing bone after bone after bone.

Since then I hadn't had to much thrown at me so it was wonderful getting the refresher course.

The model came after that and we had our drawing instruction. THAT was interesting for me, I had never used vine charcoal before. We had to draw several angles of the same pose, not for a finished drawing but to get a sense of the gesture as well as the proportions and volumes etc. I got a lot of compliments on my gestures. Gesture has never been my problem. That was the one thing that was deeply, DEEPLY pounded in my's the continuing on that throws me. I expect this class will help a LOT with regards to that.

The model was fantastic though. He had very little bodyfat, just standing there he was totally ripped. He was terrific, he could hold a pose like a rock and since he was African American the light did wonderful things on his dark skin. It will make getting the anatomy right much easier I think.

FINALLY came the sculpture portion of the class. It was TONS of fun. I have never done sculpture before and it was a riot. We made our armatures (copper electric wire,) and started packing the clay on. It was HARD WORK. It takes a while for the clay to warm up and even with it's more warm and soft it takes incredible hand strength! My hands are still sore.

Before I knew it it was five o'clock. I still can't believe how FAST the day went.

I can't wait for next week. It's so nice to have a space like that...where I am just FED creatively and it's just MINE. I don't have to share it with anyone I know so it's a place I can just BE. Not sure how much sense that actually makes but it's SUCH an affirming haven for me.

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