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Los tres ninos

wyckhurst and her husband are having a night on the town and I am watching their kids. It is always fun and I am the Best Aunt Ever. I was still a bit nervous having them at my apartment. It is NOT child proof.

For example right now I've specifically nervously with Big H on my lap. I am leery of him around anything with cables and most importantly my computer. Visions of my little laptop commisserating with wyckhurts unused in the corner haunt me.
Right now though he is more interested in leaning across and accosting Beowulf who has long suffered for most of the evning.

S and O lie quietly talking to the other on my now open futon. They are in their jammies now ready for bed. It has been a fun evening. I showed them The Little Mermaid which they had never seen before. It's so fun watching things again for the first time. I was sixteen and while I had always known I was going to be an animator, it sealed the deal.

It's even more interesting because I saw Brother Bear yesterday and detested it. Di$ney really has lost it's soul.

It is fun though having their little bodies here.

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