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"10 Things" or "Q&A"

In no particular order:

10. So?!!
Well, the very short version is, I didn't get the job from Pixar.

9. Longer version?

The slightly longer version is, I found I was on the short list but I didn't get an interview. In some respects I think that would have been worse than the email telling me I didn't get the job because it would have felt so *personal.*
I figure by the time you get an interview for a job, your resume/portfolio has already shown you can do it...the interview is whether or not they want to work with you.
So the plan now is to keep working on my portfolio... I've got a great 100 panel sequence planned out as well as mulling over a scene to board out from Romeo and Juliet. Not the "famous one," ... I thought the scene early, early on in the play where Romeo is being teased by his cousin about Rosalind would be fun.
Emo angsty Romeo... big gregarious cousin... be a fun study in physical and emotional contrasts and moods.
I'm planning on applying again in May. A ver lo que pasa.

8. How's Beowulf?
Have been toilet training Beowulf and it's going very well. I wouldn't think coming home and finding little kitty poos in the toilet would thrill me so but there you go. We think he's ready for the final ring of the "Litter Qwiter" but are waiting until I get back.

7. Get back? Where are you going?
I'm glad you asked. I'm heading to Utah tomorrow... road trip by myself. I've done that drive by myself once before and it's quite a haul. I've loaded up the ipad with a lot of audio books, stocked up on cinnamon sticks, boiled some eggs and grilled some chicken breasts. Tomorrow at some point I'll stop and get some carrots but it'll be interesting to make that journey again by myself.
I'm taking Lisa's car because it has slightly better gas mileage AND she has a cruise control that WORKS.
I think before I take Friday off on a haul that long again I'm going to buy another 3rd party cruise control and have CLAUDIO (our super awesome mechanic) install it. Money well spent.

6. Today there is no #6.

5. Wait...WHY are you going to Utah?
Sad tidings. My uncle had not been doing well for a while and he finally slipped away over the weekend. I'm really sad about it... Lisa and I visited every one of my mom's siblings... except the one that lived closest so we missed seeing her and my uncle. Regrets, I've had a few.
Still, while the circumstances are sad, it is nice to see family. I missed my beloved Aunt Laura's funeral a few years back and I resolved to get closer to my mom's side of the family. I got a lot of that accomplished this last summer and while it's inconvenient (and when is a funeral ever?) I'm making sure to get home for this one.

4. Is Lisa going?
Sadly, no. 4 days would be a chunk of school for her to miss so she's going to be home along for a week. Wulfie I'm sure will be very affectionate when she gets home in the evenings. He's a very social cat and I think he'll miss having me around.

3. How's work?
The freelancing has actually been picking up quite a bit this last year for which I am grateful. It seems one gig ends and another one picks up. I am being greatly blessed.

2. When are you getting back?
I expect I will be back Monday morning/early afternoon. Fortunately it's a holiday so I won't have to worry about missing Spanish class. I want to get back as early as possible because we set that day apart to play an all day D&D game at our place with the boys.
D&D Wednesdays really are the highlight of my week.

1. Shouldn't you be going off to bed? You have a long day tomorrow.
Yes and yes. Drinking some warm milk and just popped a few benadryls. Ta!



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Feb. 15th, 2011 04:13 pm (UTC)
Aww, I'm sorry to hear about both your uncle and about the job. I thought that job really looked good for you.

I'm very glad I took the time to get to know some of my older relatives since I became an adult, especially my great-aunts (who have both since passed away). I have a couple of regrets like that, too, but you do what you can do. Use the funeral, if you can, as a chance to connect with others whom you might not have connected with, I guess.
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