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"Just get undressed to your comfort level..."

This means it'll be a whole lot easier if you strip.

I have had a great day.

One of our projectionists is a student at the local massage therapy school and we happened upon the idea of swapping some art work for a massage. I was a bit skittish at first; I mean, I've never had a professional massage before and the idea of being naked under a sheet with a guy I barely know rubbing me all over I would think would be a recipe for disaster. I mean, we all know how incredibly snuggly and touchy I am with people. (Hint: The last sentence was filled with deep sarcasm.)

It turned out to be just really, really great. Some parts were a little hurty but in a good kind of way. It's also really motivating for me to get out and exercise more. It's an interesting sensation feeling the fat being pushed around over your muscle. It really kind of hurts and makes you aware of how much there is. He told me to drink a LOT of water to help push all the toxins through.

I was afraid it would make me tired and sleepy but I have been energized the entire day. He asked me if I would like to continue doing it. I thought it was a fabulous idea. It's a win win win really. He gets somebody to practice on and cartoons, I get a massage every week. DEAL.

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