Jett (jatg) wrote,

"There is too much, let me recap" or "11 Shopping Days left but I hope I'm done!"

3 loads of laundry
3 sketchbooks sketched
1 box of apples ordered for tomorrow (in Spanish!)
Jackie picked up.
Car filled up (holy cow, I really haven't put any gas in my car since September?!)
New Costco visited and checked out
bought printer ink
Fancy Yancy Jalapeno Pepadew cheese! Finally, we don't have to stock up like crazy when we go visit Utah!
Michaels Art Supply
8 art kits purchased (talked to the manager to see if I could get Monday's deal price even though it was Tuesday. Super nice guy. Could. HOORAY!!!)
Rivets (because I think they will look neat on sketchbook covers)
Sale on candles. (going through a vanilla phase.)
Home Depot
Glue purchased
Next time you need razor or exacto blades, go to Home Depot instead of a very expensive craft store!
Jackie got me a mint hot chocolate from the front of the Home Depot. Got to practice my Spanish a bit more.
Jo-Ann's fabric store:
Fancy cord for sketchbooks. Can't believe I almost ran out. This last book making junket has exhausted much of my supply!

Came home, dropped J off at Meercat Manor and helped unload all of her stuff (which was not inconsiderable) and thanked her for being my shopping buddy. Lots of fun.

Went home
Unpacked shopping bags
Brushed teeth
Got address
Headed out, just in time to see Lisa who had just arrived.
Went with her to Storyboard Art gathering.
Met a LOT of really fun and talented artists.
Gave Sergio his sketchbook (he promises he will draw in it)
Came home.
Had dinner Lisa had saved for me from her teacher's party
In bed.
Very, very, very tired.
Tags: christmas, sketchbooks

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