Jett (jatg) wrote,

"This week brings you sketchbooks" or "Games & Wassail"

Turned out I slept a lot this whole week. I would sleep in until embarrassing hours and then haul myself out of bed and work on sketchbooks.
I am opting to do open spined sketchbooks this year. I’d like to play around with doing one with spines a little more before doing another mass production of them… plus, these really do come together faster and it seems every year my group of people who get a sketchbook grows.
It used to be just Suzanne’s kids…now I have added the kids of two of my cousins, plus BJ and Bryce and this year I’ve decided to make sketchbooks for our little D&D group. Turns out we all like to doodle and make notes while we play so I figured this would be a fun Christmas present for the boys.
Instead of 4…or even the 8 of last year…Christmas 2010 I’ve got 13. Yoinks.
I’ve got 9 done though and I’m hoping to enlist Lisa tonight and stitching up the last of them. I’ve got a feeling I’m dangerously low on white signatures though and may need to run to Office Depot tomorrow and buy some more legal sized paper.
This next week I will be working on the etched mugs I’m attempting for my siblings as well as Annette’s “A” glasses. I’ve done a lot of trial and error and I think I’ve got a working process…but it’s a lot more tedious than I had initially hoped.
I should just make friends with someone with a laser engraver. Still, I think these will be a hit. Especially when we bust out the wassail.
Speaking of wassail, made my first batch in a good long while for Lisa’s Friday Night Thing. Man, that makes the house smell good. “Hey Sylvie, want some wassail?” Hee.
The whole batch got consumed and I immediately got a second batch brewing. The taste of it makes me thing of company and game nights and laughing like fiends around the kitchen table.
Lawrence complains that I overly spice It to which I think there ain’t no such thing. I *did* put a little bit of cayenne into the first batch with no complaints. I’ve learned I have to cayenne my individual wassail though… the heat I prefer tends to knock other people out and racing for tissue to start wiping their noses and eyes.
I want to organize a game night while I’m in Utah. That would be a fun New Years Eve I think… a few of my friends and my folks and sit around the table playing chicken foot. Combs really liked playing…heck, *all* of my friends I’ve brought into my family’s domino tradition has loved it. It’s easy enough that there’s not a painful learning curve (like a lot of Lawrence’s games,) but there are enough twists and turns that you’re never bored.
It will be sad to not have Lawrence there though. One of my most favorite Christmases was 1999… Lawrence and Terence were working at a game store and it seemed every night we had a crowd of people over to play different games.
One night my mom came in the kitchen…and it was close to midnight. We thought she was going to send us off to bed…and instead got: “I’m in the mood for sweet rolls!” and started BAKING.
We all got a little loopy off the fumes from the icing flavorings and had to crack open the deck door. We got hot fresh sweet rolls close to 2 in the morning. It was like I suddenly had Coraline’s “Other Mother.” It was terrific.

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