Jett (jatg) wrote,

"Promising Beginnings" or "In the Know"

Yesterday Lisa announced to her class that she was going to be gone the remainder of this week and next as well. Her classroom was instantly full of the buzz of 12 year olds with burning curiousity. One of her boys got her attention and asked if he could pose 3 questions.
"I'll answer the first one," she said, "and then we'll see."
"Um....what airline are you flying?!"

As she was telling me this story I thought how strange it was that airline preference would be his top priority when his teacher is going to JAPAN, but that quickly cleared up.

"United," she told him.

And indeed she did!

As we walked into the airport today and to the (fortunately not busy) United counter Lisa spotted her checking in passengers in Business Class. (We are NOT BC.) Another United worker was telling us where we needed to go as Lisa was trying to explain that we just knew that worker and that's why we were stopping and looking over there.

I have found one can do a great many things in life if only by asking.

"Can we just go to her instead?" I asked the employee.

"Oh." Pause. "Sure!"

So we waited for the mom of Lisa's airline loyal boy...and it was worth the wait. She was tickled pink to see Lisa...upgraded us without asking, walked us down to the super secret oh so fast way of checking our luggage (she couldn't check it in the business class...ours had to be stowed with General Population,)... walked us through some of the lines of security and put us in the fast track screener line.

United. They may break guitars, but all the employees so far we've met have been fantastic.
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