Jett (jatg) wrote,

"Checklist!" or "Getting Ready to Go to Japan!"

TLG and I are off to Japan in less than a week!

Things to do:

Get car inspection finalized
Pay car registrations
Get more mousetraps set up in the storage room. (Two dead ones this week! YEEW!)
Push laundry (I'd like to have everything washed and put away so it's clean when we come home.)
Clean house! (few things I hate more than coming home to a dirty place)
Get house key to Kristin and Teresa so they can check in on Beowulf
Have Lisa hang up mirror in bedroom and attach bookshelf to the wall.
Buy new sketchbook to take (I like to try to fill up a sketchbook for big trips)
Find out what kind of brush pens to get whilst in Japan
Finish Annette's "proof of concept" present (The instructable I've been following has NOT been working properly. Need to come up with another angle on how to accomplish what I want to make STAT.)
Buy chipboard for sketchbook covers
Investigate any new apps we should have for our iPad. Suggestions?
Tags: japan

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