Jett (jatg) wrote,

"It's that time again!" or "Collecting Signatures"

Hey boys and girls! What time is it?!

It's sketchbook making time!

Yes, getting a bit of a jump start on sketchbook making for the holidays this year so I don't have to crank out a bunch of them with less than a week to go before Christmas. I have turned my fingers into hamburger too many times. Or at least my poor li'l thumb. I think every sketchbook I've ever made has a droplet of my blood somewhere on it. Sweet, or gross? You decide.

It's very satisfying watching the signatures pile up. Last year I did fully bound books...I may go for an open spine coptic stitch this year. Those are nice because they lay flat when you write or draw. A ver lo que pasa.

Pretty no?
Tags: christmas, sketchbooks

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