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"Project Pushing" or "Mirror, Mirror in the Fireplace"

Let's talk about unfinished projects. Everybody has them. Everybody has intentions towards getting them done but the longer you wait, the less likely they are to be done. Even/Especially home improvement projects. The longer you wait the more invisible they are...unless you have company coming over and then you are hyper aware of how things look.
The house is never cleaner than right before company comes.

We have had a project I have been slowly moving along. We started it the week we got back from our trip... no, scratch that... We really started GOING on it the week we started our trip. I had acquired the smashed mirror months and months previous.

When we moved in we saw to our delight that we had a fireplace but, sadly, like the old place, we were told it was for the most part unusable for fires. We figured we would just keep Lisa's 7 candle holder in the fireplace like at our old house.

A few weeks later I saw this really neat instructable on how to do art/tile projects and thought it would be very, very neat to create a mirrored tile effect for our fireplace, turning it into a focal point for our living room and reflect the lights from the candles better around the room.

I prowled Craigslist in the free section until I saw someone was giving away smashed mirror pieces. I went to pick them up and was surprised at how BIG the mirror had been and how THICK the pieces were. Apparently they were turning an upstairs into a dance studio and one of those big huge gym type wall mirrors went crashing down. I took ALL of it.

We got more of the materials (the tile board and grout) when Brittany came out for a visit the week we got home and after much haranguing I finally got Lisa to measure and cut the tile board. It's something I'm perfectly capable of doing myself but she likes to do them.

Things then continued to sit but this last week I sort of had it and started laying out the pieces and tonight we finally mixed the grout and did the tiling. I'm quite pleased and am excited to get each tiled board placed into the fireplace and light the candles.

Tomorrow Lisa has a truckload of people coming over (it's her annual Thanksgiving Friday Night Thing...which means both the girls AND the boys from her church are coming over) so it will be nice that *something* is done.

Next boulder to start pushing up the hill...PAINTING.

And I need to think of some more projects with mirror pieces. I have a *lot* left over.

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