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My doings...

Had a productive day.
I did some art work in the morning and then met my folks for lunch at Chuck-a-Rama. While there I asked my dad if he would be willing to move my table from Farmington since phoenix_jade had cleared it off. He said he was busy doing rock walls so I offered to help in exchange for ferrying the table. This plan was approved.
I also invited the folks to see Secondhand Lions tonight and they both really enjoyed it. I liked it much better the second time around. My parents were guffawing at the characters they recognized in their own ancestral annals and I guess one of the first things my dad did upon leaving the theater was to call my Uncle Richard to tell him he had to see the film.
I think this is only the second movie I have gotten my parents to see since I have been working there...and come to think of it, the last three movies at least my mom has seen have been because I dragged her to the theater. Before Finding Nemo her previous movie was...Monsters Inc!

This evening after the movie I have been reorganizing my studio space now that I have my second table. Finally I have enough room to really work! I have my computer all set up with the scanner AND room for my linetester plus my lighttable. I am delighted.

Tomorrow should be fun. I get to go to one of my coworkers house early in the morning for a massage before work (swapping him some cartoon work.) Tuesdays are busy for me al cine because that is the day I do orders with the inventory. In the evening is my open life drawing session and after that is Judging Amy. Yay!

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