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Driving through Buffalo felt very weird.
Niagara was beautiful. Would have liked to have seen the Canadian side.
Wondered if they actually filmed some of Superman II there and if so, where. Yes, I'm a nerd.
Called my dad. Happy father's day!
Spent the night at a not too far campsite. Showers!

Slept in late.
Went for a quick wade in Lake Ontario. Lisa wants to wade in all 5. Unfortunately we blanked out on Huron when we blew through Michigan.
From where we were we could see the faint outline of Toronto. Again, felt a little sad pang, though I understand right now is a *terrible* time to be there.

Saw the Joseph Smith farm.
Went for a long walk in the Sacred Grove.
Had a good cry.
Went to the Hill Cumorah. Hiked to the top. That is *STEEP.*

DRIVE to Vermont.
We have been listening to 1984. Lisa has never read it before.
Pit stop at Wal Mart. I get a new button shirt realizing I have been wearing the same green one over my tshirts nearly every single day of the trip. Yay for extreme clearance. This one has long sleeves but they're easy to cut.

Bennington, Vermont:
Meet up with one of my Live Journal friends. Firenze/ AKA Kate. We have been friends online for so long we have forgotten how we friended each other. (She remembered in the middle of the night. "Customers Suck," from back when I worked at the movie theater. Waaay back.)
She is very, very cool in person. It's interesting knowing a person strictly through their writing style and then meeting them in real life. She is very enthusiastic about a whole pastiche of things. I wonder what she thinks about me.

Talk with BJ and arrange things.

GAVIN. Talk with him for a little bit and try to arrange a meetup. This one will be more difficult. We may blow past him and go to DC and then back up to see him. He whines that over the years Alison has gotten more cartoons than him. Good grief. She and I have been *friends* longer as well and made semi regular attempts to catch up/ see each other.

It is after midnight when we finally crash on my friends futon.

SHOWER! (I am enthusiastic about those since they are so sporadic.)

Very slow morning. I download many podcasts and catch up on what is going on in the world. Lisa sleeps until 10 and I have another nap.
We meet Kate in downtown Bennington and have lunch. Bennington is ridiculously charming. Kate tells me Vermont is full of a strange breed. Hippies with guns. I tell her that Vermont hippies are obviously different than California hippies. VT hippies basically want to be left along and want to leave you alone. CA hippies are a bunch of nagging activists.
We stay at Kate's several more hours enjoying not being in the car.
We make the executive decision to try to be back in So Cal by the 31st of July instead of the 24th which will give us a bit more breathing room for time as we go down the east coast and through the southern states.
We leave far, far too late. A little before 5 pm.

Great little rest stop and visitors center. We decide to take a more scenic route though the white mountains. (They're not white, nor are they really mountains.) I am intrigued by all the ramshackle houses I see with American flags and other knick knacks of patriotism. I am also amused by the poster I see at the rest stop pointing they have 365 tax free days vs 2 of Massachusetts. God bless America and the freedom to vote with your feet.

We had only intended to drive for maybe 6 hours feeling that would still be pushing it unfortunately the rest stop we had pinpointed as our stopping point was closed. BOO! That meant another 45 minutes of driving.

We continued listening to 1984, finishing it up about 45 minutes before we finally stopped. I asked Lisa her thoughts.
"I kept expecting them to just shoot him! I kept waiting for him to die."
Yes, I thought, but that would have been a happier ending.

During that last 45 minutes of driving Lisa who had been driving this whole way realized we were *dangerously* low on gas. Below the E.

We kept nervously pushing on through the dark with nary a city light to be seen. I was getting very, very scared as the miles kept getting eaten away knowing we were really pushing our luck. I was silently praying pretty much the whole time after I had seen just how low the gauge was.

Finally, finally an exit sign appeared with a gas symbol.
"Thank you God!" Lisa blurted. We put 14.1 gallons in. I thought I had a 14 gallon tank.
Another quick little prayer and we were back out on the road. Two more miles and there was the next open rest stop. We pulled into a space, struggled into our pajamas and went to sleep. We had done an 8 hour drive.

Rain. Drizzling and pinging soothingly on the roof of the teardrop.
Internet at the rest stop/welcome center.
No shower. Unless I want to dance naked in the rain.
I don't.

I need to wake Lisa up and start the last hour drive to Acadia National Park.



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Jun. 24th, 2010 03:02 am (UTC)
It's fun reading about your fantastic adventure!
Jun. 24th, 2010 03:23 am (UTC)
Did you feel the Earthquake that Ottawa, Ontario had? I heard it could be felt in many of the northeastern states.
Jun. 24th, 2010 03:30 am (UTC)
!! You didn't get to the Maine Visitah Centah?
How did you like the Friendly's?
Always enjoy your trip updates, even sad ones.
Jun. 24th, 2010 01:25 pm (UTC)

I've never thought of myself as a "very enthusiastic" person, but I think you got me at "sleep-deprived hyper-Kate" stage, which can get a little...exuberant. ;-)

It was WONDERFUL to meet you guys. Thank you so much for swinging through Bennington, and especially thank you for lunch and cheese pupusas! OM NOM!

Enjoy Acadia...it's AMAZING.
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