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"Islands in the Stream of Consciousness" or "Rambling Update"

As always I've been super busy. It's already been 3 weeks back (I think. Yes.) since Wondercon which was a terrific experience for me. I think this years, as opposed to previous Comic Cons and Wondercons and even APE was I went in with a very specific agenda and a portfolio to back it up.

Quick highlights:
Story portfolio reviewed by a Disney guy who THEN sent me over to talk to a talent development lady at Disney. Also Eric Goldberg was in the room and I talked to him a little bit about Rhapsody in Blue. SQUEEE.

Later met the directors of The Little Mermaid (and a slew of other Disney flicks) and had them sign my VHS copy of TLM. Why that one? Because that's the one with the infamous cover AND that was how it was originally released to the public.

Had my portfolio gone over with a freakin' fine toothed comb by one Mr. Ted Mathot, story supervisor at Pixar. He had a *lot* of things to say and it was crazy informative. What was nice was how it felt much more like sitting down with the director of a project than just a guy giving your portfolio a cursory glance.
Hugely inspiring.

Got an offer to sit at a table with a bunch of guys at APE this October, providing I have something done and ready to sell.

Had dinner with Mimi from Nightflight Comics and a bunch of other artists the last night. As we were sitting there I mentioned that I had got my TLM video signed. It turns out that the artist sitting opposite me was the guy who had DRAWN THE COVER. Of course we had to launch into story time for THAT. The short version was, it wasn't on purpose.

For most of the rest of the month I've been getting thing settled around the house and working like crazy on my portfolio. The goal is to have it out the door...or pretty darn close to it by the end of the month. I think I finished up my Superman sequence...the one I have boarded, and reboarded and reboarded tonight. WHEW.

I have a bunch of tweaks to make to some of my existing sequences and there's a brand spankin' new sequence I need to do. I need to do a hyper kinetic action sequence.

This is very rambling. It is also after midnight. Usually I am in bed by 10:30. Yeah, I'm an animal.

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