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The fairest one of all...

Thursday night was Team Awards and for once they decided to hold it at OUR theater instead of asking everyone to drive to Jordan Commons. I wasn't up for anything but I decided I would go and be sociable. Before I went though I was chatting with wyckhurst about heading to where she lived after and play with her kids during the UEA break (and possibly give her some alone time.) I asked if I could bring Beowulf since I didn't want to leave him alone that long.
The plan was that I go to the awards and then head down. To save me some time I brought Wulfie with me to the team awards. Once it was discovered I had a cat in a bag he was quickly let out and charmed everyone he rubbed up against. I have a GREAT cat.

When I got to wyckhurst's house I knocked on the door...and then I knocked again. Then I rang the doorbell. And then I started calling her regular phone and her cell phone only to keep getting the answering machine. I walked around the house hoping to see some bedroom lights on. There weren't.
I was getting a bit antsy at this point and even contemplated throwing some pebbles at her window but couldn't quite bring myself to do it.
It would have been easier to knock on S's or O's window but I didn't want to scare them to death. Heck, I'm a grownup and someone knocking on MY bedroom window would spook me out. (Especially being on the third floor but that's not the point.)

My POINT is that I was pretty certain there had been some huge miscommunication about when I was supposed to be arriving. I was too tired to drive back to SLC so I lay back the seats, let Wulfie out of his carrier and proceeded to try to fall asleep in Friday. Not comfortable so much.

Fortunately I wasn't there for too long when I heard a tentative knock at my window. YAY! She had gotten my cell phone messages and was letting me in! We put Wulfie in her sewing room and I promptly zonked on her couch.
I woke up a few times in the night and let Wulfie out to do his thing and to let him back in but for the most part I slept really well.

I was awoken by loud whispers.

"HER KITTY IS DOWNSTAIRS!!!!" (I think they were most excited about THAT one actually.)

We had a Big Fun day. I had S and O do their charts, I let H out of his crib, we had breakfast ("I want the LAST of the brown cereal! EVEN ThE DUST!!" "I want the last of the brown cereal TOOOOO!"!) and later we watched Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Favorite comment:
When the Wicked Queen is talking to the Magic Mirror and demanding to know who is the fairest one of all, S looked slightly whistful and sighed. "I wish *I* were the fairest one of all."
BUA HA HA!!! Sooze and I laughed and she said, "Okay! No show tunes for you!" It was pretty funny.

For most of the day H chased Wulfie around who at times pretended he was indignant but when left alone for too long would come and beg for attention. H was SO delighted and kept gurgling ,"GEEE GEEE!" at him. I forget how big my cat is but he just looked GIGANTIC next to H. I am glad he has really learned to Play Soft.

Even later I went on a very long walk with her kids. It was a lot of fun. S was frustrated that I kept turning corners. He just wanted to go straight and walk for MILES AND MILES!!! Ummm. No.

It was a lot of fun and I was sad to go. I wished I could have stayed longer but I had to head back to el cine for my food handlers permit. It was dumb though. "Really?! I'm supposed to wash my hands a lot?! AMAZING!!!" I could have passed that test without sitting through both of the incredibly boring videos we had to watch. Ummm, duh!

I left so late from Suzanne's house though I didn't have time to drop Wulfie off at my apartment so he got dragged into the hour long meeting. I let him out and he found several new laps to jump in and knead. My cat is a slut. ;)

He never fails to amaze me though at how adaptable he is. He travels well, he loves people, he does well in new environments. Go Wulfie Go.

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