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"Returning & Reporting" or "Settling in, walking dogs, drawing away, oh my!"

Well, we're settled in for the most part. The place is more or less settled though there is still a lengthy "to do" list...things like hanging up towel hooks, swapping outlets so they are 3 prong, changing the side the fridge opens (seriously, why did they have it swing open AWAY from the central part of the kitchen. So annoying!) but it's totally livable. We have left the white paint alone but I suspect by the fall when we are back from our road trip we'll talk about putting some color in the place.

I love how my new studio is set up, this time being able to face the door and not part of the general thoroughfare of the house. The speakers are not hung up, but they are set up and it's marvelous to sit and work with whatever I want to listen to playing all around me. I love how bright the kitchen is and while it's actually a little smaller than the old kitchen, it's much more efficiently laid out that it feels bigger. I actually like being in it. I actually like to cook again. I want to pull the breakmaker out and try to make some loafs with the special flour my mom gave me for Christmas.

I think I can say similar thingsfor pretty much all of the house. I like the bedroom better. I like the view. I like that this place actually has closets. Lisa was helping me refold some sheets so they were nice and tight and she asked me why I was being so particular about how the sheets were folded.
"Nobody will see it. You never cared before."
*I* will see it and we never had a linen closet before!"

I still do not have my mother's ability to fold fitted sheets so they are tight and compact but it's getting better.
Some friends of ours have a new puppy...a little white German Shepherd puppy named Zoey. One of them suffers from seizures so they got this little girl to have trained to be a helper/seizure dog. She is still too little to start her training (she should be able to start in a month or so) so they can't take her to their church meeting yet so I offered to puppy sit on Sunday evenings.

Last week I got her and she had a bunch of puppy energy so I took her down to Julian and Jackie's to see if they would be up for a walk with me and her. They were, stopping first to do a quick photo session with her. Julian thought it would be an interesting challenge to shoot pictures of a white dog against a white backdrop.
I wondered how she would do since she hadn't known me that long and she certainly didn't know Julian or the environment but she handled it like a champ. Once she understood she was to sit, she totally plopped down and remained calm though there were flashes and everything going on.
We went on a long, long walk. I hadn't realized this but where we moved to is only 3 blocks from McLaren park in San Francisco. It is SF's second largest park and it is gorgeous. Just a little bit into it and the city is GONE. I was glad Jackie was with us because I completely gave up on having a sense of direction.
There's a lot to see. A water tower, some reservoirs, a pond specifically for dogs to go swimming in, tons of different bike and running paths, an outdoor amphitheater ...just lots and lots to see and do and some really incredible views.
I have made going on a walk or a run there for at least an hour part of my every day schedule.
By the time I got home poor Zoey was thoroughly pooped. Her owners told me she slept in the car the entire way home and all through the night. It was the most she'd slept since they had gotten her. I'm afraid I may have over done it...two and a half hours is a long walk for any dog and she really was little. At the same time, they got to have a good nights sleep!
I didn't take her out as long this last Sunday but we still had a good long walk. I came home, put out a flannel blanket and she plopped down on it and feel asleep beside me as I worked on some various drawings.
I like walking dogs. I almost want to go to some of our neighbors whose poor dogs I see looking bored in their backyards and asking them if I can take them for a walk in the afternoon when I head up to the park.
I went on a walk today with Julian and Jackie. They brought along a dog that belonged to a friend of theirs and while I love Julian and Jackie and while they say they are fans of Cesar Milan, I have to say watching them "walk the dog" or rather, having the dog walk them set my teeth on edge. Still, not my dog...not even my friend's dog and I guess it's like watching somebody else parent their kid. It's really easy to be judgmental when it's not your kid and watching dog pull somebody around on a leash is not the end of the world.

I've been working on some various gigs...doing some storyboards for a client for his short film (interesting doing live action boards vs animation boards) and still continuing to work on my portfolio boards. I want to have it ready to send out by the end of April but I'm trying to get a lot of it done so I can get it seen at Wondercon in 2 weeks.
It's nice being busy, and again, it's nice having an office/studio space that I can actually WORK in.

I've also been more or less keeping "missionary hours" and I see it's past my bedtime.

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