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"10 Things" or "Olympic Obserations and Moving Musings"

1. I like when the US athletes know to put their hands over their hearts when the anthem plays. I also like it when athletes sing along to their national anthems.

2. Favorite comment from our house watching the Olympics. "Johnny Weir makes Kurt Hummell look butch!"

3. I have spent a great portion of the day uploading a pile of CDs into iTunes. The plan is to get them all in and then take the CDs out of the space consuming jewel cases and into much more compact CD folders. I didn't realize Lisa had so many CDs. We are planning on setting up a home network and keeping the music on a separate hard drive which will free up a lot more space on our respective laptops as well.
I was brainstorming trying to come up with a cool name for our network and peripherals. One of my good friends has a network called Desilu. His laptop is Ricky, his wife's is Lucy and their little girl has a computer named after the neighbor who used to babysit Little Ricky. My friend Bryce has named all of his computers after Indiana Jones villains.
I was thinking Olympic God/planets but then I read that that is one of the most common hierarchies.
Finally Lisa suggested US Presidents and I fell in love with the idea. So our network is going to be named Constitution and the computers are going to be named after Presidents.
I have been reading a lot about early American history...about the founding, what the founders intended, the debates during the Constitutional Congress, poring over the Federalists papers...which apparently according to the New York times makes me a scary radical.

4. Hey, how's the packing going? It's coming along. Much of this week has just been dejunking/sorting. I'm sure Lisa isn't thrilled but I've been making her go through her drawers and piles and boxes of little treasures and it's been taking a lot longer than either of us expected. There's still a LOT to go through.
I'm getting increasingly stressed as she has had late nights every night this week; her photography class on Monday and Wednesday and two church meetings on Tuesday and tonight. This weekend we're going on a retreat she signed us up for in January before we were aware of the move and if we could get out of it and get our money back I'd have insisted on it. As is, we've got a LOT to do between now and the 1st and we're going to be gone this weekend. ARGH!

5. I think all the chaos is making Beowulf needy. He's been a lot more vocal and snuggly than he usually is. He's a very mellow adaptable guy but if the chaos and piles of boxes are jangling my nerves, I'm certain it's not setting well with him either.

6. The number #6 is taking the night off.

7. I finished the latest installment for Sunstone with our Book of Mormon comic series and sent the invoice off yesterday. Always a good feeling. I think each one just gets better and better. I talked with Stephen about working together on a longer story...something we can stretch out ...a story that doesn't have to be told in 5 - 6 page increments. We'll see. Right now doing them as a regular feature in Sunstone is a great format...have to think of the marketing and publishing if we were going to do something standalone.

8. My dad is doing better. My mom says that they purchased a wheelchair for him to sit on when he returns back to teaching at the community college next week. He's already pretty mobile, navigating the stairs, taking baths and now is driving all over. It really helps that he was in tremendous shape BEFORE the accident and that he started with tremendous upper strength. He's always been a strong guy and I'm pretty certain he could still work my three brothers into the ground.

9. As a general rule I hate January and February. I am convinced I would be much happier if I could stuff my face from November and December and then sleep the first two months away and wake up halfway through March skinny. With that said, I do like that after Valentine's Day is over I really start to *notice* the days are getting longer. It's light now when Lisa gets up for school and there's now still a little bit of light even around 6:00 pm.

10. Had a craving for Dr Pepper tonight something fierce and gave in. Went on a long brisk walk, talked to my sister and then went and bought a 2 liter bottle of Diet Cherry Dr Pepper. Just the SMELL of it after I opened it made me oh so happy.
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