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"Where to start" or "No no, there is too much, let me sum up"

1. Tuesday night Lisa and I found out we had to move.
2. Started looking at places. Have seen a few we've really liked, a few that we didn't.
3. Saw a place tonight that would be absolutely perfect.
4. The only sticking point is the owner said no pets. We told the lady showing the house that we would be happy to pay a pet deposit and that I really did have an exceptional an very mellow cat.
5. The lady said she would ask the owner and it might help if we had a few letters of reference and maybe some photos.
6. Thankfully I had one of my past landlords, a good friend who has lived with me and Beowulf AND a person who has boarded Beowulf for us write letters tonight.
7. No number seven.
8. Our good friend Julian Cash had just set up his studio and needed someone to help him test drive it tonight.
9. He does amazing work.
Jett Lisa Beowulf
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