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"Adieu, Farewell January!" or "Month 01 Recap"

January has come and gone and while I did not get everything done that I would have liked to, I would say it was fairly successful.

1. I got a lot done on my portfolio "Superman II" sequence. One last segment to go on it and then go back with some odd and end revisions and then I think I will take a gulp and a breath and put it to bed. Then on to more portfolio sequences!

2 I landed and completed another storyboarding gig which hopefully will lead to more with the same director. I am meeting with him on Thursday and will be picking up a check. Huzzah!

3. I started attending a figure drawing class at the local City College. Today felt really good. I feel like I'm finally starting to loosen up and get my groove back. I think it's going to be several weeks before I'm back to my high point in `05 but I am planning on pushing myself HARD. This weekend I sat down with my "flayed man" and my Peck book and started boning up (ha ha, get it?) on my anatomy again. Boy howdy am I rusty there!

4. Started running with Lisa. This has been a really positive experience. Again, I'm rather looking forward to later weeks in the Couch to 5K... the starting and stopping is annoying but the podcasts have pretty much smoothed out what made it really aggravating the last time we tried to really run together.
I was going to be running a 5K in Pasadena with two of my cousins but already they have had to bail out for various reasons. I'm thinking in March I will try to find something local and run with Lisa here.

5. I'm having a hard time not eating crap. I need to do something drastic...a 5 day fast...something to jolt me. I am *very* good at "all or nothing." It's moderation that kills me.

6. Dad Update!: Apparently he is home now...I knew he would last long in a nursing facility...he's too motivated, stubborn and in too good a shape to languish there for long. From my mom's LJ report, it's been a lot of hard work for her but he is getting more and more mobile and able to do things. I need to call tomorrow and check in. I don't know when I will be going home next since I do have my class. I know I will be going there at the start of May when my nephew gets baptized.

7. Beowulf Update!: He is fat and happy. He is always very affectionate when I come home from school.

8: Lisa Update!: Lisa is a published photographer! Several months back she received an email from a book publisher who wanted to use one of her Costa Rica pics of a Hercules Beetle. She responded enthusiastically in the affirmative even though she was told there was no $ involved but they could give her a copy of the book. She masterfully negotiated for TWO books.
I joked with her that she DOUBLED the original compensation.
TODAY the book came in the mail and I have to say, it is a FUN book. It's like a popup/puzzle book, beautifully illustrated and designed to look like a 1920's adventurer's journal.
Lisa has said it is the sort of book that if she stumbled across it in a bookstore, she'd probably come home with it and I have to say I agree. I think I may be ordering some copies of it because I know my nieces and nephews would adore it.
Check it out!

9. Today there is no #9.

10. I have been reading and rereading the Constitution as well as listening to various lecturers and excerpts of books regarding the Founding. We are so far from what our Founding Father's intended it makes me swing between deep, deep sorrow and RAGE.

I feel like right now the US is on a precipice. Maybe it's reading about the proposed budget with a deficit of over a TRILLION dollars...maybe it's looking at the unemployment numbers, maybe it's the sheer economic ignorance and stupidity of Those In Charge who seem to think the way to steer the ship when heading towards an iceberg is to light the fourth boiler... but right now our course is (in the vernacular of the greenies) UNSUSTAINABLE. Our economy has been run like a Ponzi scheme and I fear everything is about to collapse.
I'm not sure what to do about this except pray, make sure our food storage is up to date and pray some more.

I'm getting more involved with politics at the local level. I'm thinking about seeing if there's a GOP precinct captain in my precinct. I think it's highly doubtful.

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