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"Student Musings" and "King Noah Rising"

So my figure drawing class has now met two times and I've met both teachers. One teaches on Mondays, the other on Wednesdays. It's interesting being so *relaxed* in a figure drawing class.
When I was in art school, while I enjoyed going to figure drawing in the evenings, the CLASSES themselves always stressed me out and more than a little tense, especially when the instructor would walk by. (The most egregious was my 2nd year teacher who would stand behind you and hiss between his teeth as he watched you work.)

I didn't realize the extent of my shell shock until I got back into figure drawing back in Salt Lake. I would go to the open Tuesday night sessions at Kamille Corry's studio and one summer when Kamille ran several workshops I decided it would be good for me to take a bona fide CLASS...especially from an artist I had so much respect for. Also....I figured to myself, it would be fun to take a class where I didn't feel the *whiff* of an axe blade swishing over your neck.

The first time in Kamille's class, as she came behind me to give me a critique I broke out into a cold sweat and felt a forgotten, yet oh so familiar stomach clench. I had to explain to her later where my reaction had stemmed from and it had NOTHING to do with her. It took a while to be able to actually ENJOY a critique regarding my figure drawing instead of feeling like the bottom was falling out of my world. (Thanks Werner. Thanks ever so.)

So now I sit in this figure drawing class at the community college and I find myself feeling almost...disappointed...that the teachers do not seem push in the slightest. My drawings have been held front of the class to show what good gestures look like, I've been told that I'm well ahead of the game and any critique I've already given myself. (Jett...the head is too large. Watch your proportions.) >/em>

I have realized that to get pushed in this class...I am really going to have to really do it myself. I guess, fundamentally that is the best way to go about it though it is WEIRD being ... at least ONE of the best people in the class and having instructors that just kind of go, "Yeah, you're really good. Just draw!"

I feel really, really *rusty*, I know I have forgotten a ton of anatomy which is making my drawings look futzed and faked and while I'll admit, I think I really am good at gesture...I need to work on tying the drawing together and I *really* need to focus on drawing better hands, feet and faces.

But do I miss that constant dread I felt the first two years of art school? Not in the LEAST.


On the other end of the art spectrum...if figure drawing is a "fine art," there are those (fools!) who would consider comics a much, much lower art form.

I've been working on "King Noah Rising," continuing out the story of Zeniff for the next issue of Sunstone. I can't say just how much I've been enjoying working with Stephen Carter. He's a really fun writer and terrific to work with. We have been talking about putting these out as a compilation as well as doing a much longer story (by much longer I mean longer than the 5 or 6 pages every issue I'm getting now. )

At this point in the story both Zeniff and Abinadi are getting up in years and Noah is even more belligerent, pissy and decidedly antagonistic towards God. And, apparently, he picks his nose:

Working on a sequence where Abinadi rescues Noah, (yet again!) for me just makes Abinadi's fate that much more cruel and heartwrenching.

Thought you guys might like to see a page progressing. Here's a rough.
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