Jett (jatg) wrote,

"Brief update" or "Some doings"

Not a lot to report. Finished up a storyboard project. Hooray!

Tomorrow I should start on the story of King Noah for Sunstone. Really looking forward to starting work on that one!

Speaking of looking forward to things tomorrow, I'm going to try to take a figure drawing class at the City College. It's on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12-3. I'm going to be taking it with my friend Jackie and then the plan is we both hit the school gym after. Walking to and from the school, figure drawing, gym. Win win win!

It's funny. I find myself tonight filled with a bit of anxious glee. It's been a long time since I was a "student." I'm wondering what the class is my professor will be. Am I going to be the oldest person in the room?

I'm confident enough in my figure drawing I'm not worried about a grade or passing the class. I just need something scheduled that I'll go to and will keep me consistent. I'm a bit rusty and this seems a great way to get back into that particular groove.


Saturday was fun. Lisa and I went over to Julian and Jackie's place and helped them do some tarring on their roof. They were very appreciative. I told Julian, "Any friend can come over to one of your art parties. REAL friends help you ROOF."
We then went over to this new little Chinese place...and it was JAMMED. We decided we'd just order it and take it home rather than eat there. Had a fun talk with one of the guys who worked there. They had just won "one of the top 100 up and coming authentic Chinese restaurants" awards. Heh. They had a trophy and pictures on display along with a huge plaque.

The food *really* was amazing, I have to say. We will be going BACK.


Dad update: He is in a convalescent home and is anxious to get out of there. Mom has told him not until he can go to the bathroom and pee on his own. She has no desire to empty bedpans.

He decided to let the police finish the insulating job for him. They came on Saturday to do it and since I haven't heard anything I'm assuming it went well.
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