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Life Drawing

Had a better session tonight.
nekkid girl
I'm still horribly rusty but there is quite an improvement from last week. Yay! I was talking to one of the guys there tonight, who actually is going to be the anatomy instructor for the sculpting class I signed up for and mentioned how it's taking a while to get my groove back. He said it was like riding an extremely difficult bicycle. I agree. It's not like I've forgotten everything but...sooo rusty. This sculpting class will be great.

He told me the best way to really learn and remember anatomy is to actually sculpt it. I believe that. I still remember the names and where all the muscles in the face are since we had to build skulls and lay the muscles over. It was a fun project I'm thinking of repeating.

Work was painful today and hopefully will never be repeated. Usually in the mornings the concessions lead/supervisor has to recount all the inventory from the night before (because mice are such notorious thieves,) and it's pretty time consuming. All the other concessionists in the morning are supposed to get the stand ready to go, (a process that involves mass quantities of popcorn.)
This morning I came in, started the counts and then idly checked the schedule to see who else was coming in only to see...nobody until 11:30, right when we were supposed to be up and going! GAH!

It was a fun scramble and a fun conversation with the person who did this week's schedule. It culminated in, "Uh, sorry Jett."

That's all I asked for. I'm a forgiving sorta gal that way. ;)

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