Jett (jatg) wrote,

"Another Day" or "Page 2 completed"

A regular day here.
Jett's Day:

6:45-Get Up
7:00-See Lisa out the door
Make breakfast (one egg with some egg whites, scrambled, served on a bed of spinach with some cottage cheese and a capful of salsa.)
Make some herbal tea
Check the news.
Wash the breakfast dishes
Do some spot cleaning
Clean Beowulf's litter box

8:00 Sit down in the studio and get to work. Draw, draw, draw. Today I was working on Page 02 of the third installment of Zeniff.
12:00 Make lunch (salad with a little bit of kidney and garbanzo beans and cottage cheese along with a grilled chicken breast.)
12:30 quick 20 minute walk. Then back to work.
3:00 Snack (bag of popcorn or a can of tuna mixed with a liiiitte bit of plain yogurt.) Back to work
6:00 Dinner (usually another salad, maybe another chicken breast or a salmon patty.)

Since it's Wednesday I took Lisa to the community college around 6:20 for her class.
Back home ... finished up the page, started roughing out page 03.
9:30 Pick Lisa up
10:00 Here I am sitting on the floor at the base of the bed by the space heater and Beowulf typing in my LJ

I am very sore from yesterday. We made it to the climbing gym. After doing two climbs I went to the boxing class where I promptly got my butt kicked. Yeouch! I'm so sore my abs hurt when I cough. That's a good thing, right?
Tags: boxing

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