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It's been a really good trip so far.

Lisa had a church service Saturday morning but fortunately took pity on me and let me sleep in. Frankly I'm not sure how Lisa managed to be awake for it since we got in to her parents around 4 AM...making it the fourth or fifth night of extremely late nights.

I woke up a little later that morning and hung out with her parents for a bit until Lisa got back to pick me up. We went off to the Rickarosa Ranch...a beautiful ranch owned by one of her classmates in laws. There were a ton of people from her high school there and it was fun for the most part to meet some of these people I had heard about.
Lisa had a smaller class (than me!) and I guess that has made them a fairly tight little group. I eventually hung out with some kids, doing some drawings for them and looking at their work. One twelve year old had a whole sketchbook and I very seriously pored over it for him. I wrote down some books I thought would help him and jotted down my email address if he had any questions.

There was a formal that night in The Mitton Building. The building was really neat. It was made of red brick and had an open warehouse feel to it. They'd really done a nice job of decorating with subdued lighting and a black and white motiff. Black and white were Lisa's class colors...and while I have teased her a bit about it ("It's CLASSIC!" "Yes...from 1930!") it really did look nice.

They did a class of her classmates is a professional photographer and he was taking photos all through the night...walking around the crowds as well as up where he had a white sheet pulled down and a lighting set up for people who wanted to go and have their pictures taken.

I was afraid they were going to be these cheesy, horribly posed awkward dance photo things... but I looked over and saw him taking some pictures of a bunch of girls. They were standing in a line, posing them selves etc...and he dutifully took a few photos... but then as they were breaking up, they were standing there and laughing and he was cracking jokes etcs...and THEN he took a bunch of photos of them.
I could tell those candid shots were going to be SO much better photos than the posed ones. He did that all through the night. By the end of the evening I was in a silly mood (and I admit, amid the rotation of cheesy 80s music Aha's "Take on Me" coming on had something to do with it) so Lisa and I went up to have our photos taken. It will be interesting to see how the photos come out.

We got home a little after midnight and I promptly went into the bedroom and fell into bed. THUNK.


Plans for the day: Getting ready to go to a brunch which will close up the reunion festivities, figure out how to unhook the trailer (more on THAT later) and mowing Lisa's folks lawn as a trade. I'd ALSO like to go for a good long jog tonight. I haven't been on a run for almost 2 weeks and I would hate for all my hard work in getting my stamina up simply slide away. BOO.
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