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Hey, it's vacation time!

What does this mean? It means I find myself pensive and thoughtful and planning...which generally equates into more LJ entries. You lucky dogs.

We have been working like monsters. Lisa and I have been whaling away on the trailer (not all the way done but finally road worthy once again and BOY is the inside beautiful. Pictures pending. As said before Lisa was in charge of the inside...but I helped with the grunt work with a LOT of sanding (ugh), shellac-ing (not too bad) and painting. (WHEEE!!!)

The outside isn't done but we DID get the fenders completed. After weighing the costs vs the results we took them to a local guy who put a double powder coat on them for a smooth $200.00 bucks. Considering what I'd have had to spend on materials and my TIME in order to get them to look not NEARLY as good...that's $200 dollars well spent. Sometimes it pays to just hire a professional, y'know?

The rest of the exterior is still the dull grey of very, very old aluminium. We'll be taking care of THAT when we get back from our trip...another weighing the costs of what I'd need for supplies vs some folks who could do it *beautifully* for about what I'd spend on getting all the right stuff.

There's a company up in Petaluma that specializes in airplane polishing and detailing and after a few delightful phone conversations we'll be taking Rosie up there for a polish later.


But as for NOW...we're about to hit the road.

Off to So Cal where one weekend Lisa has a high school reunion, the next I have a movie premiere and the weekend of the 24th I have a cousin reunion. (Atwood grandkids rule!)

We're going to try to squeeze in a trip to the Grand Canyon in between weekends after after the last one we'll be swinging up to Utah where hopefully I can hang out with family and friends as well as helping my mom prep the house for her surgery.
(She's not having surgery at the HOUSE...we just need to do a lot of serious cleaning and de cluttering and organizing so it will be minimal maintance after.)
It feels a bit reminiscent of her back surgery, lo these many years past. We called it Summer From Hell. This should be much better for a wide variety of reasons...one being that I'm no longer 16.


So yes, I hope for much journaling and traveling and many photos and many meetings of friends as well as some good drawing!

Bon Voyage ME!


Jul. 10th, 2009 10:39 pm (UTC)
Sounds like a GRAND time! Enjoy!

(powdercoating is almost always worth the money. And I don't just say this as the daughter of a powdercoater, heh)
Jul. 12th, 2009 11:38 pm (UTC)
Ha ha!

I totally didn't know that.

You're right though...they were totally worth the money. We went home thinking of other projects to powder coat! LOL
Jul. 13th, 2009 12:31 pm (UTC)
I have random metal sculptures powdercoated. For awhile there, I was trying to talk dad into letting me send cuffs and bracelets through on the line to use up spare powder, or when he was clearing the lines. :-D

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